The first phase of the Euro Team ends

Yesterday, Sunday 1 December, after 7 weeks of competition, the last games of the first phase of the Euro Team Carcassonne Online Championship were played.

Of the 14 teams that have been part of the championship none of them has been able to win all the Matches. Those who came closest were the leaders of each group, Russia (Group A) and Poland (Group B), with 5 each.

The team that has won more duels and games has also been Russia, 20 and 44, followed by Poland with 19 and 42.

Note that in group A the distance between the first place and the second and third has been only one Match won. Thus in group B note that the distance between the third and fourth place and the latest teams has been only one Match difference; this fact shows how hard the struggle has been to get the last two places that gave way to the final phase.

As for the general classification, these are the teams that will compete in the final phase of the championship from this week:

Group A:

1- Russia
2- Netherlands
3- Ukraine
4- United Kingdom

Group B:

1- Poland
2- Romania
3- Germany
4- Czech Republic

From the organization of the championship we want to thank the collaboration of the captains of all teams and their understanding accepting that the small changes in the regulations that have been made during the competition have been the result of the desire for improvement of the format as points to be corrected have been detected.

Good luck to all the teams that are still competing and thanks to those who have already been eliminated, it has been a pleasure to have you with us.

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