End of group stage and start of playoffs

An intense and exciting group stage is over. Upon reaching the last day, only 3 teams had their classification assured.

In group A, Spain and France no longer had a chance, although Spain played to avoid the last EURO place against the Netherlands, who played the 3rd place, which got a perhaps somewhat unexpected 2nd place on their own merits. Ukraine’s defeat to an Italy that was at stake for the power to enter as 4th, brought the Ukraine team down to 3rd place. Italy despite its great victory, remained at the gates of 4th place, due to the British feat of beating the hitherto invincible team from Russia.

Group B was perhaps the most exciting of all on the last day. They expected 3 matches that were 3 finals. Greece dreaming of eliminating the German team, but the Mannschaft woke up on time and qualified with a resounding result.
The Catalonia vs Hungary was more acid test for the Hungarian team, since Catalonia’s chances of qualifying were almost nil, after the disastrous match the previous day. Did the Hungarian team weigh the responsibility or did Catalonia get the best of itself in its last game? We couldn’t say, but the result of the match was clear for Catalonia.
The Czech Republic, an unknown team at the collective level, since they did not participate in the World Cup and the tournament started very badly. It was the true revelation of the championship. He got off to a bad start and took advantage of the inertia of beating Germany, to make his streak his own, winning a Poland that had already done its homework.

Now the moment of truth begins. The knockout phase with the teams that have proven to be the strongest on the continent.