These are the semifinalists of the WTCOC 23

After an exciting group stage and two knockout rounds, we now have the names of the 4 teams that will play in the WTCOC semifinals.

Thus, the first three teams classified from group B of the group stage and the winner of group C have managed to reach this stage of the competition.

The achievement achieved by the 4 teams already has a prize; As many of you know, for the first time, the WTCOC is offering a place at the Essen World Cup to one member of each of the semifinalist teams. We know well that the awarded teams are already beginning to think about the method they will use to choose their representative.

Congratulations to Latvia, China, RCP and Spain. We hope you continue to enjoy the remainder of the competition, without forgetting that the most important thing about the WTCOC is to have a good time and share a great common passion among people from all over the world: playing Carcassonne.