WTCOC 2022: Registration Open

The long-awaited moment has arrived, registration for the WTCOC 2022 is now open!

Registration for the third edition of the World Team Carcassonne Online Championship is open from today April 12th, until 28th of April. The competition will start on the 2nd of May.

Captains must register their team of between 8 and 10 players by completing a registration form to which they will have access, which requires a full name, BGA nickname, e-mail address, and photos that prove that behind each BGA nickname is a real player, which is normal for every serious competition. Then, they  will send the link to all their  teammates, which will have to follow the same registration process.

Every player will have a profile in a database, and they are responsible for updating the BGA account type (premium or standard) in case it changes during the competition. (i.e. When registering, one player can have a premium account that will expire soon and will not be renewed).

Captains must ensure that every player on their team registers in time, and understands and accepts the rules.