The drawing of the week: “Taquitos for everyone”

Today we present a new section that links the WTCOC with illustration.

A few days ago the illustrator Jessie Perpat, closely related to the collective of Carcassonne Mexico, made an illustration of the group draw of our championship. We liked his art so much that we offered her to share this and future works inspired by the WTCOC with the community.

We premiere this section with this drawing, that according to his words was born because “I’m very happy to see how the latino community has grown in the world of Carcassonne and when I saw Koko’s video with his message for Spanish speakers I wanted to respond by representing the Mexico-Japan relationship with a gastronomic exchange, in other words, here we’re very happy to share our taquitos with everyone“.

Image taken from the YouTube channel of Kokokarhu

If you want to know a little more about Jessie Perpat you can read this interview on the Carcassonne Brazil website: