Update and conclusion: Script Gate

Hi all.
As part of the WTCOC organization, I call for sanity and respect.
The last messages in this chat are encouraging and are on the right track, so that we all understand each other.
Also I want to inform you and reassure you, since the organization of the WTCOC has already obtained the answers to all the questions.
We know who the author is, why it was made and what use it has been given.
The conclusion is that a player in this World Cup, created the script by watching his game repeated on YouTube, and discovering that the narrator of the games did not keep track of the tiles.
I created the script and wrote MeepleWizard for the BGA, to see if it interested him, on the condition that I only use it for retransmissions. MeepleWizard thought that it should not be shown on the screen, because someone who was playing could watch YouTube at the same time and have an advantage.
This script has only been used by the author and MeepleWizard for their broadcasts.
It has not been used, by the German team, or by any other.

We end the controversy and we call you to enjoy the grand final between Japan and Russia.

Thank you all for your understanding and patience.