Japan vs Russia – The great final is coming!

After 72 games and 364 duels, 173 players have played. The moment awaited by all comes … The great final between Japan and Russia.

Japan reaches the end after being first in their group and only falling in one match, precisely against Russia. She has based her alignments on participation, team block and rotations.
His virtue, regularity in his games and his outstanding player, pinder_tron, who counts all his duels for victories.

Russia reaches the final after being second in group A, with irregularity and qualifying a little in a hurry. But they have gone from less to more, they have compacted the team of 6 players and have reached the final after great victories against powerful teams like Portugal and Germany.
If Russia has shown anything, it is that the challenges are coming and now it has before it the largest it has had so far.
Someone_you_know is perhaps Russia’s most outstanding player in this World Cup, but Russia’s great strength is its block.

We look forward to a great final at the height of these two great teams with difficult prognoses.

And you, who do you think will win?

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Who do you think they can win?

You will be able to follow the game on Boardgamearena and also the possibility….

Our friend from Germany, MeepleWizard, will stream live those games with some comments in English.