Today’s matches – Guess the result!

Hi players from all around the world,
Today will be played two games of this Championship.

Russia  🇷🇺 México  🇲🇽
Italy  🇮🇹 Brazil  🇧🇷

You will be able to follow the games on Boardgamearena and also….LIVE ON YOUTUBE !

Our friend from Germany, MeepleWizard, will stream live those games with some comments in English.We invite you to join the stream and share this experience:

We gonna start with RUSSIA vs. MEXICO at around 6.50pm
(Stream Link:–MncG60 )

and later tonight we will witness the battle between ITALY vs. BRAZIL at 10.50pm
(set up the stream and post the link after the first match is over).

Who do you think they can win?

Who do you think they can win?


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