Updates will be made according to the following criteria.

  • Match schedules – at each scheduled update *.
  • Lineups – after being received from both teams, published at least 24 hours before the game *.
  • Streaming – in the schedule section, dependent on the streamer’s availabilities.
  • Results – updated when filling in the results in the common excel and are available in match statistics. The general results are published in each update or at the end of the day for each group.

*There may be possible updates outside the scheduled hours.

Please also keep in mind that we run the EURO as a fun non-profit event for the worldwide Carcassonne community on top of our personal lives so be understanding in case of possible delays in communication.

(27-11-2021) Lineup: Latvia vs Russia
(24-11-2021) Lineup: Romania vs Ukraine
(22-11-2021) Czech Republic changes a player: smoula replaces chonps.
(21-11-2021) All quarter-final matches are on schedule. Lineups: Russia vs Belarus; Latvia vs Czech Republic
(20-11-2021) Lineup: Poland vs Ukraine
(19-11-2021) Lineup: Germany vs Romania
(13-11-2021) DAZ: decision on sisi vs. kreukle (2nd round match). All matches are on schedule. UK changes a player:  FanaticalLime93 replaces Han Shot First. Lineups: Portugal vs Russia; Norway vs Romania; France vs Catalonia; Spain vs Ukraine; Belarus vs Poland; Greece vs United Kingdom; Hungary vs Czech Republic; Netherlands vs Slovakia
(9-11-2021) Blitz (France) now is Premium.
(8-11-2021) Lithuania changes a player: croobert replaces Xocas.
(6-11-2021) DAZ decision on Zwollywood vs. nikoooos (1st round match). Lineups: Latvia vs Romania; Lithuania vs Russia; Netherlands vs Germany; Greece vs Belgium; France vs Norway; Czech Republic vs Austria; Italy vs Poland; United Kingdom vs Slovakia.
(5-11-2021) All matches are on schedule. Lineups: Spain vs. Portugal and Hungary vs Belarus.
(3-11-2021) DAZ: Deliberate to resolve 2 disputes. Netherlands vs Greece and Portugal vs Lithuania.
(2-11-2021) All matches are on schedule. Lineup: Asutria vs Hungary
(1-11-2021) Lineup: Portugal vs Lithuania
(28-10-2021) All matches are on schedule. Slovakia replaces player LuluKL with Matej_11.
(27-10-2021) Lineups: Catalonia vs Norway; Lithuania vs Spain; Italy vs. Hungary.
(26-10-2021) New player from Russia: DexterLogan (P).
(25-10-2021) Lineup: Germany vs Slovakia.
(24-10-2021) Lineups: United Kingdom vs Belgium, Ukraine vs Portugal and Latvia vs France.
(24-10-2021) Lineup: Czech Republic vs Belarus.
(23-10-2021) EURO draw and and match schedule.
(22-10-2021) Registration closed.
(22-10-2021) New registered teams: Slovakia and Norway.
(21-10-2021) New registered teams: Italy, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Austria, Belarus and Poland.
(20-10-2021) New registered teams: Romania and Lithuania.
(19-10-2021) New registered teams: Russia, Czech Republic and Netherlands.
(18-10-2021) New registered teams: France, Latvia, Ukraine, Portugal and Catalonia.
(13-10-2021) First teams registered: Belgium, United Kingdom and Spain.