If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. This may have been the mantra for the Russian team, since they ended as the runner-up both in Euro 2020 and WTCOC 2021.

The road to the victory has not been easy, but third time’s a charm. The team formed by Mikhail-rus, 71st, c00kie, BBKosta, sergt, Alstermeriy, FanCarcassonne, DexterLogan, and its captain, Someone_you_know (and if not, now you do), has beaten Ukraine in a hard-fought match decided with the last tiles of the duel between c00kie and zaharik: the Russian player has finally untied the scoreboard and given the victory to its team (Russia 3 – Ukraine 2).

Congratulations, Russia, for winning the 2nd Euro Team Carcassonne Online Championship, and thanks to all the players, streamers, supporters and collaborators involved in this edition of the tournament. We hope to see you in future events!