It’s time to let the meeples rest

In Catalonia we celebrate “La Revetlla de Sant Joan” (St. John’s Eve), a magical night where the summer solstice is celebrated. During “La Revetlla de Sant Joan”, families and friends gather for dinner together, light bonfires and explode firecrackers.

With the arrival of summer comes the end of the WTCOC, to make room for everything to come, with lots of good memories and experiences behind us.

This drawing by our illustrator Jess Perpat , where all the people who have been part of the WTCOC organization come together around a bonfire, symbolizes the friendship and the good times we have lived together.

We already know that not in all parts of the world is summer, but we want to think that the magic and good times we have shared with almost 300 people from all over the world for more than two months will last until the next WTCOC.

Good luck and have fun