Ready, set, go! A guide for captains, players and spectators

Starting today, the WTCOC kicks off and the first round matches may be played. For this reason we want to remind everybody of some points of interest about the competition. 


  • Communicate with other captains about match scheduling.
  • For every match, each team will make a line-up of 5 players assigning each player a rank from 1 to 5. This lineup has to be sent by the team’s captain to the organizers who will publish the duels here:
  • Your lineup has to be sent at least 24 hours before the beginning of your match.
  • Each match will have a home team and an away team.The home team is required to line-up Premium players in, at least, duels 1, 3 and 5. The away team will have to line-up Premium players in, at least, duels 2 and 4.


  • Each duel will be played to the best of 3 games (game is stopped at 2-0).
  • Players 1, 3 and 5 from the home team and players 2 and 4 from away teams will create games and invite their opponent. All these players are Premium players according to the rules.
  • The player creating the first game must push the “propose rematch” button at the end of the game in order to start the second game. If both players won one of the games and need to play a third game, the player who created the first and second games must push the “propose rematch” button again to ensure the sequence A-B-A where A is the starting player.
  • All the games will be played:
  1. Normal mode
  2. Real-time – normal speed
  3. 1vs1
  4. Basic Carcassonne tiles (no expansions)
  • If a player runs out of time, as long as it is not out of its control (lack of internet connection, major unforeseen events…) will have to concede the game.
  • For reasons of fair play and the nature of the game itself, the use of computer scripts or applications external to the BGA is prohibited and players and their team will be expelled from the tournament if they do so. 


  • All matches will take place on the website (BGA).
  • You can check the day and time of all the clashes in the following link, where it will also be specified if there are any streamers that broadcast it: In this link you also have the list of all the official streamers of the championship. 
  • If you choose to follow the matches directly on the BGA website, you can first enter the following link to see the name of the players from each team that will participate in them to be able to search for them in the BGA website (you can do it in the “community” section). In the case of opting for this viewing option, we ask you to be silent in the game chat during the game. 

Com seguir en directe el WTCOC:

  • Tots els enfrontaments del WTCOC es duran a terme al lloc web (BGA).
  • Podeu consultar el dia i l’hora de tots els enfrontaments al següent enllaç, on també s’especificarà si hi ha streamers que l’emetin: En aquest enllaç també teniu la llista de tots els streamers oficials del campionat.
  • Si opteu per seguir els partits directament al lloc web de la BGA, primer podeu entrar al següent enllaç per veure el nom dels jugadors de cada equip que participaran en ells per poder per buscar-los a la BGA (podeu fer-ho a la secció “comunitat”). En el cas d’optar per aquesta opció de visualització, us demanem que no escriviu cap comentari al xat de la partida en joc.