Regulation update: unplayed matches, lineups and results

Updating of the regulation regarding the non-dispute of a match.

For the first time, this week one of the matches could not be played. After speaking with the two teams involved, it has been exceptionally decided to allow them to play their match during the next week. Making it clear that if they do not reach an agreement, both will be given as losers.

It is a situation that was not contemplated in the rules of the competition, since it was expected that the possibility of having 10 players per team would make it easier to agree on the schedules between teams.

To date we knew that some teams had had some difficulty fitting their agendas without this having ended in the non-dispute of the match. Given what happened, we find it necessary to add the following rule to the regulation:

If two teams do not reach an agreement to set the day and time of their match, it will be obligatorily played on Sunday of the same week at 21:00 UTC +2.

If any of the teams does not show up, they will lose automatically. In the event that a team does not have 5 players available, it may participate with less, and duels in which it does not have a representative are considered lost.

To guarantee fair play we are obliged to ensure that all matches are played during the current week.


It is mandatory to add the letter P next to the players who are premium.

Once the lineup of a team has been published, only one modification can be made, that of the affected player.


It is mandatory to fill in the spreadsheet of the results after the matches.