Rules of the World Team Carcassonne Online Championship

Find below the complete rules of this Championship.

Who can play?

Teams will be made by players of the same countries or regions in which Carcassonne game has been published in their language. Only one team per country or region can register.

Where and when will it be celebrated?

All the games will be played on 

The expected tournament schedule is as follows (based on a participation of 16 teams):

Group stage – Match 1from the 11th to the 17th of May
Group stage – Match 2from the 18th to the 24th of May
Group stage – Match 3from the 25th to the 31th of May
Knockout stage – Quarterfinalsfrom the 1st to the 7th of June
Knockout stage – Semifinalsfrom the 8th to the 14th of June
Knockout stage – Finalfrom the 15th to the 21st of June

Schedule may evolve depending on the participation. However, the intention is that each team plays one match per week.

How can I register my team?

In order to register your team, you need to fill the following form indicating all the required information:

Deadline for registration is Saturday 9th of May, 14:00 Central European Time (CET)

How teams will be made?

Teams will be formed by a minimum of 5 players and a maximum of 10 players. 

Each team will choose a captain who will be responsible for the communication with the opponent’s team captains and the organization of the tournament. The captain’s task will be to schedule games dates and report results to the organization.

Important: In order to run smoothly the tournament, it’s mandatory that at least half of the players of a team lined up during a match have a Premium BGA account during the celebration of the tournament. Therefore, if your team is made of only 5 players, at least 3 of them must be Premium. For your information, a monthly subscription is worth 4€. does not gain any advantage from the fact that players would subscribe to a Premium BGA account.

Which tournament format will be used?

All teams will be randomly assigned to different groups, depending on participation. There are no top seeds for this first edition.

Matches will be played round robin, which means that each team will play against every other team from its group.

For each match, every team will make a line-up of 5 players assigning each player a rank from 1 to 5. This lineup will be sent by the team’s captain to the organization that will publish the duels to be played on website in a dedicated space created for the event. 
In each match, a team be playing home and the other team away. Home team will have to line-up Premium players in, at least, duels 1, 3 and 5. Away team will have to line-up Premium players in, at least, duels 2 and 4. 

All the duels will have to be played at the same time. Date and hour will be arranged by the two teams captains playing in a time frame of one week.

Each duel will be played to the best of 3 games (game is stopped at 2-0)

In case of a tie in a game, the winning player will be the player who was not the initial player. 

The winner of a duel gives 1 point to his team.

Best 2 teams of each group after the group stage will be classified for the knockout stage .

What happens to the alignments of Catalonia?

Catalonia must send their lineup within 36 hours prior to their match to the email of a team in the group that they do not face. This will be able to confirm that the alignment of Catalonia conforms to what has been presented.

Which player creates the games? Starting players and rematches.

Players 1, 3 and 5 from home team (left of table) and players 2 and 4 from away teams will create games. All of these players are Premium players according to the rules.The player creating the first game must push the “rematch” button in order to start the second game. If both players won one of the games and need to play a new third game the player who created the first and second games must push the “rematch” button again to ensure the sequence A-B-A where A is the starting player.

As a captain, when do I have to send my lineup?

Your lineup has to be sent at least 24 hours before the beginning of your match.
Only exception is for Catalonia who will have to send it at least 36 hours before the beginning of the match.
In case one player gets an emergency and cant play his duel, the team will be allowed to replace him by another player.

As a captain, can I modify my lineup as many times as I want?

Yes you can do it until 24 hours before your match.

The line-ups will be published within 24 hours before the match in the line-up section of the web.

Games format?

All the games will be played:

– real-time

– 1vs1

– Basic Carcassonne tiles (no expansions) 

Table configuration will be as follows:

Any player exceeding the allowed time will lose the current game being played.

What happens if a player exceeds the allowed time?

His opponent is free to press “skip player’s move”. From this moment, the player exceeding time will have 20 extra seconds to come back into the game. If he doesnt return, game will be lost for the player exceeding time.

Reporting results?

Both captains will have to report the complete scores by email to in order to officialize the results.

How is made the classification?

Find below an example of how will be made the classification.

Example: Japan wins against Catalonia 4 duels to 1 with 9 games won and 3 games lost

RankCountryVictoriesDuels WonDuels LostGames WonGames Lost

Teams will be ranked according to the following parameters in the following order:

  • Number of matches won (Victories).
  • Number of duels won.
  • Difference between games won and games lost.

In case of a total draw, the winning team will be the one who won the direct match.

Are there any prizes?

The only prize will be to be crowned the best Carcassonne online team of the world. A badge will be awarded to the best team to remember its accomplishment.

Control of the fair development of the game?

We, as, will try to cover all the possible misinterpretation and misconducts that could be done with the rules.

Two members of who won’t play the tournament will be designated to rule the possible conflicts and rules misinterpretations in order to assure the highest level  of fairplay. 

In case of a clear misconduct from a player, this player will be expelled from the Championship.

These misconducts can be:

  • Creation by the same player of 2 or more fake accounts in order to play different nicknames
  • Give up on games not finished
  • Disrespect your adversary

Who do I contact if I have any doubts or questions regarding the tournament?

For any question, please contact who will reply to you as soon as possible.

Anyways, once your participation is confirmed, more specific and complete rules will be sent to you. 


Match: a match refers to the confrontation between two teams. The score of a match will be determined by the result of 5 duels. Possible scores of a match will be : 5-0, 4-1, 3-2 and vice versa. The winner team of a match gives 1 victory to its team.

Duel: a duel refers to the confrontation between 2 players. The score of a duel will be determined by the result  of 2 or 3 games. Possible scores of a duel will be: 2-0, 2-1 and vice versa. The winner of a duel gives 1 point to his team. 

Game: a game refers to a simple game between 2 players.