Curiosities Week ‘2’

WTCOC Curiosities by JinaJina, manarori, and Mingo

  • Ervin_G (Rom) probably read the curiosities of last week, saw the first post and thought “I can do better!” Matej_11 (Svd) maintained his rapid playing speed this week, but Ervin_G stepped up his pace to finish (and win!) his second game against Lawyer (Ukr) with only 1:01 (m:s) of thinking time. The magical barrier of 1 minute remains unbroken… Will someone manage to do it?
  • This week’s highest score in a game (and also the highest score in the tournament so far):
    • JMargarido (Por): 144 points
  • Highest combined score:
    • JMargarido (Por) vs KajaaninOlli (Fin): 269 points
  • Lowest combined score:
    • 71st (RCP) and Rasdarot (Cro) had a combined score of 107
  • Lowest winning score:
    • 71st (RCP): 60 points
  • Lowest score:
    • 46 (by 2 players)
  • There were 6 tied games during week 2, bringing the running total up to 10.
  • Remarkably, half of the tied games this week appeared in the duel between Taiwan & Tutejšyja.
  • That means that Taiwan already has 4 ties this season. (3 of which ended in their favor!)
  • 4 games were lost due to time this round, and two of those were from the match between Japan and Lithuania, for a total of 5 games so far this year.
  • 7 games (across 4 duels) were recorded as ‘no shows’ this round. How could this be?…
  • The duel between Maikitin (Ger) and RBVS (Per) has 1 game as a ‘No Show’ because he conceded his second game.
  • 11 teams have won both of their matches so far, but defending champion China did it in style without losing any duels so far.
  • So far this year, 10 players have won both of their duels 2-0

Week 1 Addendum:

  • CraftyRaf (Bel) had incredible meeple placement counts in his first duel this year, placing 21 and 23 meeples to achieve a 2-0 win.
  • Out of the 32 teams who aren’t newcomers in 2024, 7 teams have never won an opening match prior to this edition of WTCOC. Hungary and Tutejšyja both managed to break the ice and win their opening matches for the first time this year! Considering that the Hungarian team has also lost all of their ETCOC opening matches so far, they are particularly relieved that their agonizing streak of opening losses has finally ended!

Weekly Records:

  • IoanaFelicia (Rom) and carragher (HK) each scored 14 point roads this week at tables #504765552 (on turn 117) and table #505512655 (on turn 124), respectively
  • Tatan D (Col) and gdarruda (Bra) finished a 52 point city at table #505958354 on turn 125
  • Fenistil (Pol) scored a 36 point field at table #505968988.
  • Meami (Ger) scored 44 monastery points at table #505927682 (4 complete and 1 incomplete monasteries)

Did You Know…

  • Our own Marco “manarori” (Mex) had an incredible 7 win streak in 2023, and this year he has added 2 more wins to that streak! We all wonder where this will end (…and if it is a record?)

Fun Facts:

  • Don’t forget to let us know about interesting things that happen during your WTCOC matches!
  • Some amazing stories have surfaced that were not published the year that they occurred:
    • One player got hit by a full power outage during a storm, and had to run outside with bare feet, shorts and T-shirt in the soaking rain with a smartphone to find 4G somewhere to be able to finish the game… only to get punished for the effort with awful bad luck and a charger that later refused to recharge the phone because it ‘detected moisture’.
    • Another player choked on a piece of meat right before a match, but he could still breathe (and play!), so he decided to wait until after the match to go to the emergency room, where the doctors put him under total anesthesia to remove the offending piece of meat.
  • Less dramatic Fun Facts are okay as well 🙂.

Streamers on Fire:

  • Our competitive Carcassonne streamers were extremely enthusiastic this week: 15 of the 18 matches were live streamed by Alexey_LV, Nallerheim, Kaa- (in Portuguese), and SirMadnessTV (in French).
  • With almost 26 hours of coverage, it would be impossible to watch all of this week’s WTCOC videos in one day. 
  • Only 5 teams are still waiting for their first 2024 live stream appearance, but don’t worry…with this much enthusiasm, your matches will be streamed soon! 
  • This week’s matches seem to have been particularly provoking, judging by these spectacular expressions captured by viewers…

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