Curiosities Week ‘1’

WTCOC Curiosities by JinaJina, manarori, and Mingo

  • Matej_11 entered the WTCOC scene. By the time you finished reading that first sentence, he finished his first game. The moment your brain overcame that ‘Huh?’-pause, he finished his duel. His thinking time for his first 3 duels were 1:48, 1:50 and 2:28 (minutes:seconds). We think he must have stopped for a snack in his 3rd game.
  • The Mexican and Lithuanian players maximized their time on the WTCOC scene. Every duel between them ended in 3 games needed. A streamer’s dream.
  • KajaaninOlli, a former Finnish National Live Champion, is the first player to score a point for Finland in WTCOC-history. Bluste did so for Croatia, kepalaslt for Lithuania and Bii120 for Vietnam.
  • Croatia won their debut match..
  • Germany is the only team that has won all of their first matches in every WTCOC edition. The teams from Poland and Italy have also won their initial matches every year they have participated (only 4 editions).
  • The highest points scored in a game in Round 1:
    • Theus Gladiator (Bra) 140
    • Leuschi (Ger) 138
    • Eyeba11 (Twn) 137
    • TerranPL (Pol) 137
  • The game with the highest accumulated score in R1:
    • Theus Gladiator (Bra) vs Charoling (Cat): 252 points
  • The game with the lowest accumulated score in R1:
    • ivanchos (Col) vs krisna (Lat): 117
  • The lowest winning score:
    • ivanchos (Col): 63
  • The lowest score in R1
    • 53
  • 4 games ended in a draw, 1 player went out of time and 1 game had a NoShow.
  • 2 matches ended in a 5-0 win.
  • TerranPL (Pol) scored accumulated 271 points in his 2-0 victory
  • Although napalmEye (Lat) lost his duel with 2-0, he only lost by 1 point. How tight can a game be?
  • Game__over (Rom) scored in his defeat vs GOdfriedvanBouillon 3 times 91 points, this must already be a WTCOC record! Can he make a 4 in a row?
  • Hungarian player szigfrid is trying another construction of consecutive numbers. He scored 105-104-103. Not sure where he will end if he keeps on following that pace, but if he manages to do so, he (and/or game__over) will earn himself a repost in the next curiosities. Feel free to accept this challenge 🙂

Week ‘0’ Rectification:

  • We can not always know when a player changed their screenname over the years, so thank you Joaquin for this information. (And if there are any more, please let us know).
  • ‘DavidEG’ in Wtcoc’20 is the same player behind ‘estroncio’
  • So that means:
    • That there is a tie between Spain and Hong Kong for the highest number of used players in all Wtcoc editions (30)
    • That there are 28 players who played in all 5 editions instead of 27. Welcome to the elite club DavidEG/estroncio.

Did you know that…

  • Sunny369 (HK), Alexey_LV (Lat) and admitted (USA) were among the 8 players who qualified to participate in the 2024 Azull World Championship in Lisbon, Portugal this week!
  • admitted came in 4th place, Alexey seems to have a thing for being Vice Champion (he also came in second in the 2023 Carcassonne WC), and (drum roll…) Sunny is now the Azul World Champion!  Congratulations Sunny!!
  • The day before the Azul WC, Sunny, Alexey, and admitted were joined by Glovir and Sportr (both from Portugal) to practice… Carcassonne, of course! 😀
  • ykit244 (Mal), is currently studying in Prague and he played for the Malaysian team against the Czech Republic in week 1. Sneaky!
  • The youngest player registered for the 2024 WTCOC (so far we know) is Sr Felzera Gradiador (Bra). He’s only a 15y old talent from Melvin’s Carcassonne Project in Brazil. Felzera made a promise that if he was selected for the team, he would dance on the Brazilian Live National Championship stage this year. We’re all looking forward to that video. Congrats and Good Luck at both tournaments Felzera!
  • If you have a younger player in your team, please let us know.
  • Also if you were battling a crocodile for your life and still tried to finish your duel, or if you went out of time because a seagull stole the phone you were playing on (…right at the moment when you got your crucial 50/50 tile and the bird placed a zero point farmer instead in the snatch), or any other team curiosity you wish to share… Please let us know!

Weekly Records:

  • sergt (RCP) and Claudio Jorquera (Chl) shared a 13 point road at table #502644392 on turn 70, but crocodilefundy (USA) got a 13 point road all to himself at table #502733750 on turn 106.
  • Mùng0910 (Vnm) scored a 40 point city at table #502995224 on turn 118.
  • Matej_11 (Svk), Eter (Hun), Helic (HK), and HotlyHotly (Twn) all scored 33 point fields which were shared with their opponents at tables  #501895553 and #501086443, respectively.
  • Someone_you_know apparently decided to make scoring 50 monastery points a RCP tradition, with 5 complete and 1 incomplete monasteries at table #502659548. (BBKosta won last year’s WTCOC monastery record, also with 50 points)
  • There is a small chance that we missed a weekly record this week, because a weird glitch in the process prevented us from reviewing the game logs of the 3rd game of the 1st duel in each match this week, if a 3rd game was played. We won’t say how long it took Mingo to figure out that pattern. Don’t worry, next week we’ll let you know if we missed a record.

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