Curiosities Week ‘4’

WTCOC Curiosities by JinaJina, szigfrid, manarori, and Mingo

  • This week 215 games were played (in 90 duels)
  • You might wonder how many of the duels played each week consist of 2 versus 3 games… This week it was:
    • 55 duels had 2 games (110 games total)
    • 35 duels had 3 games (105 games total)
    • That’s 20 more 2-game duels than 3-game duels!  Hmmm… are some players getting tired? Or are others getting more efficient? 🧐
  • 1 game was “lost by not presented”: A player showed up 20 min late, and therefore automatically lost the first game of the duel. They then won a game, giving them a chance at winning the duel… but alas it wasn’t to be. 
  • 3 game(s) lost by time.
  • 7 games ended with a draw which was more than enough to have at least one draw in all groups. Teams RCP (A), Greece (B), Latvia + Brazil (C), France (D), USA (E) and Japan (F) all won a draw by not being the starting player, whereas teams Slovakia (A), Ukraine (B), Catalonia + Czech Republic (C), Germany (D), Finland (E) and Mexico (F) all lost a draw. 
  • Alexey_LV (Lat) and Wde3517 (Chi) are tied for this week’s highest game score of 139 points…
  • But…only Wde3517 and Folkesterra (Gua) earned the highest combined score of the week with 259 points. 
  • Ukraine’s TanyaU (Ukr) had the lowest winning score of 57 points (a new 2024 record)… and the same game, with a combined score of 106 points, now holds the lowest combined score record of the year!
  • 4 teams are still undefeated, winning 4 out of 4 matches: China, Czechia, RCP and Taiwan. Can they finish the whole group stage without losing?
  • There are 5 players with 4/4 win rate: Alexey_LV (Lat), Claudio Jorquera (Chi), HotlyHotly (Twn), Loku_Elo (Esp), pechitoz (Col), and statmatt (UK). But only Alexey hasn’t lost a single game so far.

Did You Know…?

  • Despite their thrilling battles in the first 3 rounds (winning or losing 3:2 each time), team Catalonia did not catch the attention of our Carcassonne streamers. Catalonia finally got some screen time in week 4… though only in the shortest stream of this edition…
  • Week 4 brought the end of two exceptional winning streaks: manarori (Mex) lost a duel after 10 consecutive WTCOC wins, but Nocebo (Ger) had an even longer winning streak – 12 duels long – which began back in 2020… While these were certainly among the longest streaks of the tournament’s history, they are still substantially below the unbelievable record of 18 consecutive wins which is held by Someone_you_know (RCP).
  • Has your team ever won a match while scoring fewer than 100 points in every game? If so, your team will join Hungary in earning the “Win With Less” achievement. Hungary beat Croatia 4:1 in their week 4 match with their game scores reaching a maximum of 99 points (in 3 games) and 98 points (twice). Croatia’s only duel win (by Tompa99) was also done with scores < 100. Croatia’s lorki0503 obtained the only 100+ score in the match (with 114 points), but Eter (Hun) still managed to win that duel with low scoring games. 

Feature Weekly Records:

  • Justinethier (USA) and IlkkaII jointly scored 16 points each for a road at table #511710907 on turn 138
  • ErnestChia (Mal) scored a 40 point city at table #511064128 on turn 121.
  • We have two 3-way weekly record ties this week!
    • Defdamesdompi (Bel), D3xt3r99 (), and Ivaks (Tut) all scored 33 point fields for themselves (at three different tables: #510444615, #510674306 and #511282067, respectively) 
    • 71Knives (Bel), Norberts96 (Lat) and herchu (Arg) all scored 43 monastery points (at tables #510466536, #509343611 and #511743854, respectively). Although they all scored with 5 monasteries, only herchu completed 4 of them.

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