Romania and Japan reach the semifinals

The national teams of Romania and Japan become the first two semi-finalists of the WTCOC.

Yesterday, Thursday, Romania was the first team to get both feet in the top 4 of the championship. This means that the team led by Mars15 managed to at least equal last year’s fourth position. The Romanians’ triumph was not easy, as they encountered one of the strongest and most consistent teams in the championship, the United Kingdom. The final result says it all, 3 duels to 2 (7 matches to 6); the scoreline that so far has been the most common in the knockout rounds. It should be noted that G3rappa from Romania and Evereverever from the United Kingdom have been the only two players in this confrontation who have managed to win their duel in just two games.

For their part, Japan have managed to stay in the competition with a tight victory over the Czech Republic, which once again has made things very difficult for their rival. The Japanese victory, another score of 3-2, shows how tight the confrontation was . Of the duels in this tie, the 2-0 triumphs of the Japanese Pinder_Tron and the Czech Chonps stand out. One of the clashes provisionally has a 2-1 score (Koko_Traps vs Martypartyouje) for Japan, but the result could vary if the DAZ considers that the Czech player lost by negative time the game that is currently in his favor.

This triumph allows Japan, the favorites before the start of the championship, to continue believing in a successful title defense.

From the organization of the WTCOC we want to thank the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic for their participation and we congratulate the two semi-finalists.