Russia and Catalonia reach the semifinals

Yesterday, Sunday, the last two quarter-finals of the WTCOC were played, which, yet again, ended with very close results: 3-2 and 3-2.

The first match was played between Lithuania & Latvia and Russia. The Baltics, who finished first in the group stage, faced the Russians, who as the competition progressed have taken better shape.

Thus, the team led by the former world champion, Someone_you_know, asserted its experience as a runner-up team in Europe and WTCOC2020, to beat by the thinnest margin, 3-2, a Lithuanian & Latvian team that without any doubt has been one of the sensations of the championship, with players like Liudeselis or Alexey_lv.

The last match in the quarterfinals was played by the unbeaten Poland and the surprising team from Catalonia, who in the previous round were able to defeat the current European champion, Germany.

This confrontation was decided very quickly, as the first 3 duels ended up in the hands of Catalonia, who were able to win against reputable players as TerranPL and former world champion UY_Scuti. The final two victories of the Poles left the result at 3-2.

From the organization of the WTCOC we want to thank Lithuania & Latvia and Poland for their participation and we congratulate the two semifinalists.