Japan champion of World Team Carcassonne Online Championship 2020!!

We have experienced a fantastic and exciting final of the WTCOC between Japan and Russia, with 5 games decided by a point of difference, and that has been decided in the also exciting final tiebreaker game between Kithara and IOpaXou.

It started with Japan dominating the overall score 2-0 with duels won by Koko_TRAPS and OSIRIMARU, but a great coup de force has propelled Russia to the epic, after Mikhail-rus’s victory over pinder_tron, which opened up hope for Russia, more even though Someone_you_know also added to the Russian epic, going back another duel.

The 2 to 2 in the global left the game of Kithara and IOpaXou as the final.
The overall of the game was very even, but Kithara’s dominance in the fields, even with the final suspense of the last tiles that could change the luck of the game. In the end Kithara won.

Japan won an almost impeccable World Cup, with just one defeat in the group stage precisely against Russia. The Russian team that can be very satisfied with the great world championship they have made, which has led them to this second place.

The top three ranked teams will receive souvenir badges of their achievements in the World Cup, which can be seen on their profiles.

Thus ends this first team world championship, the creation of which has been the perfect excuse to unite, play and enjoy together this great game that we all love.
See you at the next World Cup, in January 2021!!

Here you have the final classification of the World Cup.