Now that we are starting the second half of the group stage, we want to make a reminder about a couple of questions. 

Exceeding the time limit and DAZ decisions

The most controversial matter so far has been deciding who’s the winner in the case that a clock reaches 0.00 during a game. It’s not an easy question to solve, as there can be many factors involved. This is why we always ask all players for honesty and fair play. The tournament rules state the following:

What happens if a player exceeds the allowed time?

The player who runs out of time will have to concede the game, unless his/her opponent accepts that this circumstance occurred due to reasons out of their rival’s control (lack of internet connection, major unforeseen events…), in which case they can continue playing. We ask for the utmost honesty from all participants in this regard. 

Note that the player who does not exceed the time limit should not expel the other player but if the opponent does not concede the game, he must remind him to do so.

Although we are happy to say that most of the players that have faced this situation so far have been able to reach an agreement between them amicably (and we are very grateful for that), sometimes these situations have to be analysed by the DAZ members. We understand that on some occasions points of view may differ, so DAZ referees are here to help decide if there is any dispute. It’s not an easy task, as proofs are usually scarce. In this sense, we ask all players to respect their decisions, as they are experienced Carcassonne players who are familiar with the tournament rules and the BGA platform. And we ask you that if you don’t want to be involved in doubtful situations related to time exceeding, please don’t let your clock reach 0.00.

All team members must play at least a duel during the group stage

We also want to make a kind reminder to all teams about this point stated on the rules, which is new with respect to the previous edition of the tournament:

Team composition and organization

The teams will be made up of a minimum of 8 players and a maximum of 10. Each player must play at least 1 duel during the group stage. In case of breaking this rule, the team will lose one point in the final classification of the group stage.

In order to keep track of which players have played so far, in the Teams section of our website we are changing the colour (from black to gold) of the players that have already played. (Please, note that this is updated when a round ends, not when lineups are sent). 

We invite you to check how all teams are performing in this regard, and we kindly remind you to line up the players who have not played yet, since the group stage finishes on 14 November.

Thank you all for your collaboration and good luck in the following matches