We will use this space to list the ongoing appeals after contentious situations.

The official referees are:

  • Daniel Angelats (Catalonia)
  • Jessica Paulina Pereda Patiño (Mexico)
  • Thiago Waddington (Brazil)

June 10th – DAZ resolution about issue betwen Japan and Czech Republic

In the duel between Koko_TRAPS from Japan and martypartyouje from Czech Republic, the czech player finished the second game with red clock and won the game. Third game was played to avoid being played other day in case the game was considered valid. In this stream (minute 43), we can appreciate that the clock of martypartyouje is not negative but 0:00. DAZ considered this still within the time limits so the game is taken as valid. The final result of the duel is 2-1 to Japan and the match is 3-2 to Japan.

May 31st – DAZ resolution about issue betwen Hong Kong and Taiwan

After the match, the DAZ received an email from the captain of Hong Kong. He reported that Horace from his team explained to the opponent that he was ill and should be replaced. At the moment of starting the game, there were no players from Hong Kong available to play and knowing about the problem. Having no alternative, he had no choice but to start the game. At the end of the first game, the Hong Kong captain knew about the problem, and offered himself to replace Horace. The Taiwan’s captain said that the rules don’t allow a change in a middle of a duel, so Horace finished the duel. The DAZ interpretation is that the substitution must be before the first game, and once it was started, the player shall go to the end and finish the duel (even if Taiwan accept the change).

The final result of this duel remains 2-0 to Taiwan as a legitime result.

May 22nd – DAZ information about duel between Progressive_topline (Japan) and Nikooos (Greece)

Nikooos from Greece communicated to the organization and to the DAZ that he will no longer play in this championship. So, the result of the duel between Nikooos and Progressive_topline is given to the japanese player with result of 2 games to 1. The final result of the match is 4-1 (9-5) to Japan.

May 20th – DAZ review over duel between Moya88 (Czech Republic) and Ledacri (Spain)

The arbitration committee has received another report related to time exceedance. It happened during games between Moya88 from Czech Republic vs Ledacri from Spain. It is the third issue occurring with Moya88. All players have the same conditions; playing on such a competitive scenario and time is of essence. We therefore regret to inform this will no longer be tolerated to this player. Game 1 between Moya88 and Ledacri will be given to Ledacri. Game 2 was legitimately won by Moya88, therefore, we request that both players decide the duel on the 3rd and decisive game, to define the winner.

The captains of both teams will be informed and they must schedule and communicate the Organization about the game.

May 20th – DAZ review over duel between Progressive_topline (Japan) and Nikooos (Greece)

A particular issue ocurred betwen players Progressive_Topline and Nikooos in Japan vs Greece during the weekend. After playing Game 1 (won by Nikooos), Progressive Topline had technical difficulties with the rematch button of the BGA platform. He reported the issue to the organisation. At last he was able to start Game 2, but it had to be abandoned without being played because the opening player wasn’t the right one (this happened twice).

The Greek team claimed that this situation affected their players concentration on other games, because they knew that there was some trouble but didn’t really know what was happening.

After reviewing the attemps of rematching and the long time passed between matches, we do not see any reason to interfere on valid duels due to outside disturbances; we consider that it wouldn’t be fair for the opponents.

As for the irregularity between the above-mentioned players (Progressive_topline and Nikooos), who played only 1 game, our decision is that players must reschedule their 2nd game (and 3rd, if applicable), and inform the organisation about the new data and time.

May 11th – DAZ review over Game 1 between Complixvandht (Mexico) and Hurtle_cz (Czech Republic) time penalty incident

Player Hurtle was affected by what it seems to be a bug in BGA, when his regular playing time jumped from +4 seconds to -1.

As per the rules, the player who exceeds time should concede the victory to the opponent, but still, the case was submitted to DAZ.

As it could be seen in one of the live streamins, the issue could be reviewed. After debating, the aribtration committee decided to consider the game valid, and player should not be penalized by some external constraints like this apparent bug in the online platform.

Of course, time is of essence in any competitive play, but don’t leave your precious meeples to the last second, or they might get lazy!

May 6th – Arbitration committee wrap-up over a dispute upon games between players Spakune and Karaman

the Arbitration Committee (DAZ) received a complaint from the Greek team claiming that the match between Karaman of Greece vs Spakune of Peru has not ended satisfactorily.

– The first game was won by Karaman on negative time

– The second game was won by Spakune.

At the end of the second game, the Peruvian player denies the third game, claiming that the first game had also won because Karaman had run out of time. 

The DAZ analyzed the situation and based on the facts that Karaman communicate his connection problems and the game was ended we assume that Spakune agreed to continue without punishment. Therefore the first game is accepted in favor of Karaman, this leaves a score of 1-1 and they are asked to play a third game to define the winner of the duel.

We remind you that in order to win a game for time the player with negative time must concede it. 

April 26thArbitration committee wrap-up over a dispute upon games between players Moya_88 and Gr3ydeath

The committee has analized all the games and conversation with both Czech Republic and Poland captains and we would like to reinforce the importance of following the standard table setup as defined in the rules. All players must pay attention to the table settings before starting their games and if any inconsistency is found, both shall abandon the game and start a new one.

Another issue faced during the game was related to the time limit exceeded caused by connection issues. For such, refer to the previous DAZ publication.

We would like also to thanks and congratulate the Czech Republic team for the honorable posture to recognize their flaws in favor of the fair game.

The dispute between the mentioned players was agreed between the involved players to concede the game 1 as having exceeded time and wrong table setup and so the duel ended up with result 2-0 in favor of Poland.

Last but not least, the Arbitration Committee highlights that in case of reincidence of wrong tables setup, the responsible player is subject to have the game invalidated and the point will go to the opponent.

But let’s leave the decisions to the meeples not to the humans!

April 19thClarification over exceeding the regular time limit

If your clock ticks and drops below Zero (turns negative in BGA), in any moment of your game, you must concede the victory regardless the score. This is clear in the tournament rules and shall be observed at all times by both players.

In case of an unforseen event such as connection issues, or an emergency in the place you are in that impedes you to make your next move, you need to inform your opponent, or ask someone to inform him/her about it.

The opponent has the right to decline your justification and do not accept to continue playing, which in this case, you must concede.

However, the DAZ Committee encourages and strongly recommend that all players, for the sake of their fair play, and in respect to the adversary, understand that major issues might occur in online events such as the WCTOC, and accept the game to continue without penalties until the final score (the farmers meeples most anticipated moment)!

Remember rule number one: HAVE FUN!

April 14th – Additional information over the decision to exclude the Chinese team from competition

The arbitration committee is composed of three members from three different countries and our top priority is to care and support the fair development of the event. As stated in the rules, the possibility of any incident or situation not accounted in the rules, involves the interpretation at the discretion of the organizers. Respecting the ethical and fair play spirit of the competition, the three of us has deliberated towards the piece of evidence reported to us and it became clear to us that the Chinese Carcassonne team were benefitted of (1) using a computer script application, (2) players communciation during the games and (3) replacement of players not listed in a duel during the duel without communicating to the opponent (it can be accepted only in case of major event and communicating to the opponent). It is our interpretation that such behavior characterizes bad faith and is completely against the rules and the spirit of good competition.

April 13thDAZ release

It came to the Arbitration Committee knowledge some pieces of evidence, which were requested to be kept undisclosed, that the Chinese team had broken the rules during match between China and Peru.

After reviewing and debating the situation, the Committee has come to the conclusion the rules were indeed broken and therefore, decided upon the elimination of the Chinese team from the competition. The match with Peru will be considered null, like all games with China involved.

April 8th – Rules of WTCOC update

Communication between players during the game are forbidden. There was a suspicion of players aiding via chat during one game and after analyzing the issue, without explicit evidence of cheating, the arbitration committee has judged it was not a case for direct punishment but consequently a review in the tournament rules to clarify that such behavior is not allowed.

If in this case or in any other game, any evidence contrary to the rules is presented, the committee may revert the results accordingly.