We will use this space to list the ongoing appeals after contentious situations.

DAZ members:

  • Tom Hill from United Kingdom
  • Míriam López from Catalonia
  • Thiago Waddington from Brazil

In the match of group C between Romania and France, the duel between dvd56 and 1-3 was not played following the automatic tournament style game start

Considering all arguments about the narrated facts, the DAZ concludes that the duel is not valid, because it was not following the automatic tournament style game start. The main rule about the format of the duels was not followed by neither players and the DAZ considers it as equal lack of the full knowledge about the WTCOC’s rules.
To be as fair as possible with both players, DAZ’s conclusion is to allow a new duel between them on a date to be commonly agreed by no later than may 22th. After informing the schedule, the duel will be setup by the organization.
DAZ  also wants to remind the captains of ALL the teams, of the importance of following the rules and that is their responsibility to make sure that their team understands them and knows what they have to do and how.

15th may 2022