Regulation update: when a player does not show up for a duel

In the confrontation between France and Ukraine, one of the planned duels could not be played. Once we have read the explanations of both teams, and since they agree to play it, we have accepted their decision and we hope they will play it as soon as possible. Keep in mind that first of all we try to be as understanding as possible when unforeseen situations happen, trying to learn from them so that if they happen again they do not fall into a void of the regulations.

Of course, as happened last week when a match could not be played for the first time due to schedule problems between two teams, we have decided to update the championship regulations. In this way:

If a duel cannot be played due to the absence of one of the two players, the team that has not appeared will lose the duel.

Regarding the waiting time of the player who shows up for the duel on time, he is asked to give a margin of between 15 minutes minimum and 30 maximum to the player who has not appeared. After 15 minutes, the player who is waiting can give the duel won in his favor by the result of 2-0.

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