Find below the complete rules of The World Team Carcassonne Online Championship 2021.

Who can play/?

Teams will be made up by players of the same countries or regions in which the Carcassonne game has been published in their language. Only one team per country or region can register.

Composite teams may be formed of players from two countries / regions that do not have enough players to form a team on their own, and ensuring a minimum number of 2 players of each country / region.

In order for the registration to take place, at least both parties must have a clear historical or geographical territorial affinity.

Teams may not consist of people from countries or regions already enrolled in other teams, unless they live in one of the two territories that make up the new team. Verification of this point may be requested by means of identification documents.

This type of registration must be validated by the arbitral tribunal of the competition according to the points set out above and will be the last resort to prevent a group wishing to participate in the competition from doing so.

The team will register under the name of the two countries / two regions / country and region, represented.

Where and when will it be held?

All the games will be played on 

The expected tournament schedule is as follows (based on a participation of 24 teams):

Group             Stage – Match 1       from             the 5th to the 11th of April       
Group             Stage – Match 2       from             the 12th to the 18th of April       
Group             Stage – Match 3       from             the 19th to the 25th of April       
Group             Stage – Match 4       from             the 26th of April to the 2nd of May       
Group             Stage – Match 5       from             the 3rd to the 9th of May       
Knockout        Quarterfinals       from             the 10th to the 16th of May       
Knockout        Semifinals       from             the 17th to the 23rd of May   
Knockout        Final       from             the 24th to the 30th of May       

Schedules may evolve depending on the participation. However, the intention is that each team plays one match per week.

How can I register my team?

In order to register your team, you need to fill in the following form with all the required information:

Registration form.

Registration deadline is Saturday 31th of March, 14:00 Central European Time (CET)

How many players are in a team?

Teams will be formed by a minimum of 6 players and a maximum of 10 players. 

Each team will designate a captain who will be responsible for the communication between the opposing team captains and the tournament organizers.

Once the competition has started, the teams that need it will be able to add players to their team if necessary. Changes will only be allowed to be made during the group stage.

Important: In order to ensure the smoot-running of the tournament, it is mandatory that at least half of the players of a team lined up during a match have a Premium BGA account during the duration of the tournament. For your information, a monthly subscription cost 4€. does not gain any advantage from the fact that players would subscribe to a Premium BGA account

Which tournament format will be used?

All teams will be randomly assigned to different groups, depending on the number of participants. There will be 4 seeds that will not play against each other in the first phase, according to the results of WTCOC 2020 (Japan, Russia), EURO 2020 (Germany) and Copa America 2021 (Mexico).

Matches will be played round robin, which meaning that every team will play against every other team from its group.

For each match, every team will make a line-up of 5 players assigning each player a rank from 1 to 5. This lineup will be sent by the team’s captain to the organizers who will publish the duels to be played on the website in a dedicated event page. 

In each match, there will be a home team and an away team.The home team will have to line-up Premium players in, at least, duels 1, 3 and 5. The away team will have to line-up Premium players in, at least, duels 2 and 4.

All the duels will have to be played simultaneously. Date and hour will be arranged by the two teams captains playing in a time frame of one week.

Each duel will be played to the best of 3 games (game is stopped at 2-0)

In case of a tie in a game, the player who did not start the game will be designated the winner.

The winner of a duel gives 1 point to his team.

Best teams of each group after the group stage will be classified for the knockout stage. The number of teams qualified depends on the number of groups in the tournament.

What happens for matches with Catalonia?

Catalonia must send their lineup within 36 hours before their match to a different group team captain. This captain will be able to confirm that the alignment of Catalonia conforms to what has been presented.

Which player creates the games? Starting players and rematches.

Players 1, 3 and 5 from the home team (left of table) and players 2 and 4 from away teams will create games. All of these players are Premium players according to the rules.The player creating the first game must push the “propose rematch” button in order to start the second game. If both players won one of the games and need to play a new third game the player who created the first and second games must push the “propose rematch” button again to ensure the sequence A-B-A where A is the starting player.

Which are the captain’s tasks?

  • Ensure that all team members are aware of the rules.
  • Communicate with other captains and the tournament organizers.
  • Communicate with other captains about match scheduling.
  • Ensure that your team has enough BGA premium players to play each match.
  • Notify and update the results of their team in the shared grid with the organizers.

As a captain, when do I have to send my lineup?

Your lineup has to be sent at least 24 hours before the beginning of your match.

Only exception is for Catalonia who will have to send it at least 36 hours before the beginning of the match.

It is mandatory to add the letter P next to the players who are premium

As a captain, can I modify my lineup as many times as I want?

Yes you can do it until 24 hours before your match.

The line-ups will be published within 24 hours before the match in the line-up section of the web.

Once the lineup of a team has been published, only one modification can be made, that of the affected player (due to unforeseen major events).

In case one player gets an emergency and is not able to play his duel, the team will be allowed to replace him by another player.

Games format?

All the games will be played:

  • Normal mode
  • Real-time – normal speed
  • 1vs1
  • Basic Carcassonne tiles (no expansions) 

Table configuration will be as follows: 

What happens if a player exceeds the allowed time?

The player who runs out of time, as long as it is not out of their control (lack of internet connection, major unforeseen events …) will have to concede the game. We ask for the utmost honesty from all participants in this regard. 

Note that the player who does not exceed the time limit should not expel the other player but if the opponent does not concede the game he must remind him to do so.

For fair play reasons, we request that all games should be finished except in the case described above.

What happens If the captains of two teams do not reach an agreement on the schedule?

Those matches will be played on Sunday of the current week acording a series of schedules. These will depend on the continental origin of the team:

  • Europa – Asia: 12 AM / 8 PM Local Time
  • Asia – America: 10 PM / 10 AM Local Time
  • America – Europe : 12 AM / 6 PM Local Time
  • Europe- Europe: 5 PM Local Time
  • Asia- Asia: 5 PM Local Time
  • America-America: 5 PM Local Time

What happens if a duel is not played?

If a duel cannot be played due to the absence of one of the two players, the player that has not shown up will lose the duel.

Regarding the waiting time of the player who shows up for the duel on time, he is asked to give a margin of between 15 minutes minimum and 30 maximum to the player who has not appeared. After 15 minutes, the player who is waiting can give the duel won in his favor by the result of 2-0

What happens if a match is not played?

If any of the teams does not show up, they will lose automatically.

What happens if a duel is not played?

In the event that a team does not have 5 players available, it may participate with less than 5 players, and duels in which it does not have a player are counted as lost.

In order to win a match, the team has to win 3 duels. This means that If both teams have 4 players available and the result is 2 duels to 2, both teams will be considered to have lost.

Whether or not the team is complete, each participating player will do so according to the role established by the previously sent line-up.

Reporting results?

Both captains will have to report the complete scores by email to in order to officialize the results.

It is mandatory to fill in the spreadsheet of the results after the matches.

How is the classification made?

Example: Germany wins against Catalonia 4 duels to 1 with 9 games won and 3 games lost.

            Rank                   Country                   Victories                   Duels             Won                   Duels             Lost                   Games             Won                   Games             Lost       
            1                   Germany                   1                   4                   1                   9                   3       
            2                   Catalonia                   0                   1                   4                   3                   9       

Teams will be ranked according to the following parameters in the following order:

  •     Number of matches won (Victories).   
  •     Number of duels won.   
  •     Difference between games won and games lost.

In case of a total draw, the winning team will be the one who won the direct match.

The final ranking (5th – last) will be made as follows:

  1.     Round where the team is eliminated
  2.     Percent of matches won
  3.     Percent of duels won
  4.     Percent of games won

Are there any prizes?

The winning team will get a commemorative medal for each of its members. Likewise, the first three teams will be presented with a personalized badge from their country.

Which third-party tools are allowed?

  • Counting tiles is allowed either mentally or writing it down on paper.
  • For fair play reasons and the nature of the game itself, we ask that no scripts or computer applications external to the BGA should be used.
  • Help through hints or any other way from team members or other people during the match is not allowed. Each player has to play their games on their own. (updated on 08/04/2021)

As organizers, we hope fair play from all the teams.

Fair development of the game?

The possibility of any incident or situation not accounted for in the rules, involves the interpretation and regulation of the same at the discretion of the organizers, respecting the ethical and fair play spirit of the competition.

Two members of who will not play the tournament will be designated to rule the possible conflicts and rules misinterpretations in order to assure the highest level  of fairplay. 

These misconducts can be:

  •     Creation by the same player of multiple fake accounts in order to play under a different nickname
  •     Being disrespectful chat

The organizers reserve the right to take action against those teams or players who are caught up in unfair or anti-regulatory attitudes.

Who do I contact if I have any concerns or questions regarding the tournament?

For any question, please contact who will reply to you as soon as possible.

Once your participation is confirmed, more specific and complete rules will be sent out to team captains. 


Match: a match refers to the confrontation between two teams. The score of a match will be determined by the result of 5 duels. Possible scores of a match will be : 5-0, 4-1, 3-2 and vice versa. The winner of a match gives 1 victory to its team.

Duel: a duel refers to the confrontation between two players. The score of a duel will be determined by the result  of 2 or 3 games. Possible scores of a duel will be: 2-0, 2-1 and vice versa. The winner of a duel gives 1 point to his team. 

Game: a game refers to a simple game between 2 players.

The organization reserves the right to take action against those teams or players who are caught up in unsportsmanlike or anti-regulatory attitudes would like to thank Nicolas Basty for his help in drafting these rules in English