WTCOC commemorative tile “The Teams Courtyard”

We are pleased to announce a mini expansion of a commemorative tile called “The Teams Courtyard”.

This expansion has been designed by Miquel Jornet, member of and illustrated by Jonathan Arroyo. It has been conceived with the intention of having a memory of this first edition without the intention of any commercial purpose.

This tile will be awarded as a trophy individually to the members of the winning team of this first edition: Japan.

The rest of the participants who want to buy a copy should know that prints will be made on 12-tile plates at a price of € 10 per plate. It is the price they charge us for printing. At this price (0.83€ each tile) we must add shipping costs.

It is important that the teams from each country agree and coordinate since we will only make one shipment per participating country. Once the country team agrees to send us an email to to finalize details. The price that would be charged will be to cover printing costs. No extra for profit will be charged. Official blank plates printed directly on specialized printing press with professional finishes same as official tiles would be used.

We are at your disposal for any comment or suggestion,

Greetings from the team