As organizer of the WTCOC, is forced to issue this statement, where we present the following:
On Thursday, June 25, we received an email indicating that the use of a script integrated in the BGA platform has been detected in the stream broadcast of the match between Germany and Russia.
We were provided a link to the video of the stream, where this script looks to be used.
From what it seems and looks like in a few moments in the broadcast, this script is activated by clicking on a shortcut, which opens a script that counts the remaining tiles of the tile where the mouse pointer passes.

Having received this information, we decided to ask directly to the incriminated player about its existence and use.
This player told us that this script had been specifically created for him in order to automatically count the remaining tiles and that it was only used for broadcasts in order to help analyzing more quickly the game situation. The player denies having used it in order to get an advantage while playing or having shared it with other players.
We didnt communicate till now because we wanted to gather more elements of proof.
The organization of the WTCOC wants to recall that the fair-play rules we advocate do not contemplate using an app that would give an unfair advantage to a player or group of players.
We have so far no proof that this script was used during a game.
Therefore, we cannot and should not make any value judgment, which in any case would be unfair, due to the evident lack of evidence.

The organization of the WTCOC.