Japan champion of World Team Carcassonne Online Championship 2020!!

We have experienced a fantastic and exciting final of the WTCOC between Japan and Russia, with 5 games decided by a point of difference, and that has been decided in the also exciting final tiebreaker game between Kithara and IOpaXou.

It started with Japan dominating the overall score 2-0 with duels won by Koko_TRAPS and OSIRIMARU, but a great coup de force has propelled Russia to the epic, after Mikhail-rus’s victory over pinder_tron, which opened up hope for Russia, more even though Someone_you_know also added to the Russian epic, going back another duel.

The 2 to 2 in the global left the game of Kithara and IOpaXou as the final.
The overall of the game was very even, but Kithara’s dominance in the fields, even with the final suspense of the last tiles that could change the luck of the game. In the end Kithara won.

Japan won an almost impeccable World Cup, with just one defeat in the group stage precisely against Russia. The Russian team that can be very satisfied with the great world championship they have made, which has led them to this second place.

The top three ranked teams will receive souvenir badges of their achievements in the World Cup, which can be seen on their profiles.

Thus ends this first team world championship, the creation of which has been the perfect excuse to unite, play and enjoy together this great game that we all love.
See you at the next World Cup, in January 2021!!

Here you have the final classification of the World Cup.

Japan vs Russia – The great final is coming!

After 72 games and 364 duels, 173 players have played. The moment awaited by all comes … The great final between Japan and Russia.

Japan reaches the end after being first in their group and only falling in one match, precisely against Russia. She has based her alignments on participation, team block and rotations.
His virtue, regularity in his games and his outstanding player, pinder_tron, who counts all his duels for victories.

Russia reaches the final after being second in group A, with irregularity and qualifying a little in a hurry. But they have gone from less to more, they have compacted the team of 6 players and have reached the final after great victories against powerful teams like Portugal and Germany.
If Russia has shown anything, it is that the challenges are coming and now it has before it the largest it has had so far.
Someone_you_know is perhaps Russia’s most outstanding player in this World Cup, but Russia’s great strength is its block.

We look forward to a great final at the height of these two great teams with difficult prognoses.

And you, who do you think will win?

Who do you think they can win?

You will be able to follow the game on Boardgamearena and also the possibility….

Our friend from Germany, MeepleWizard, will stream live those games with some comments in English.

Update and conclusion: Script Gate

Hi all.
As part of the WTCOC organization, I call for sanity and respect.
The last messages in this chat are encouraging and are on the right track, so that we all understand each other.
Also I want to inform you and reassure you, since the organization of the WTCOC has already obtained the answers to all the questions.
We know who the author is, why it was made and what use it has been given.
The conclusion is that a player in this World Cup, created the script by watching his game repeated on YouTube, and discovering that the narrator of the games did not keep track of the tiles.
I created the script and wrote MeepleWizard for the BGA, to see if it interested him, on the condition that I only use it for retransmissions. MeepleWizard thought that it should not be shown on the screen, because someone who was playing could watch YouTube at the same time and have an advantage.
This script has only been used by the author and MeepleWizard for their broadcasts.
It has not been used, by the German team, or by any other.

We end the controversy and we call you to enjoy the grand final between Japan and Russia.

Thank you all for your understanding and patience.

Update: score from Romania vs Germany

We have updated the result of Romania vs Germany, after verifying the events of the duel between Humanking and MeepleWizard, where it has been shown that Humanking blocked MeepleWizard, avoiding the following confrontations.

We continue betting on fair play and harmony in the game.

Thanks for your understanding and support.

The organization of the WTCOC.


As organizer of the WTCOC, Carcassonne.cat is forced to issue this statement, where we present the following:
On Thursday, June 25, we received an email indicating that the use of a script integrated in the BGA platform has been detected in the stream broadcast of the match between Germany and Russia.
We were provided a link to the video of the stream, where this script looks to be used.
From what it seems and looks like in a few moments in the broadcast, this script is activated by clicking on a shortcut, which opens a script that counts the remaining tiles of the tile where the mouse pointer passes.

Having received this information, we decided to ask directly to the incriminated player about its existence and use.
This player told us that this script had been specifically created for him in order to automatically count the remaining tiles and that it was only used for broadcasts in order to help analyzing more quickly the game situation. The player denies having used it in order to get an advantage while playing or having shared it with other players.
We didnt communicate till now because we wanted to gather more elements of proof.
The organization of the WTCOC wants to recall that the fair-play rules we advocate do not contemplate using an app that would give an unfair advantage to a player or group of players.
We have so far no proof that this script was used during a game.
Therefore, we cannot and should not make any value judgment, which in any case would be unfair, due to the evident lack of evidence.

The organization of the WTCOC.